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Hi, I'm Wayne Patton. I'm an asset protection attorney and the founder of Asset Protection 10X. If you're here, it's probably because you're looking for ways to protect yourself and your wealth. You've come to the right place.

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What is the Asset Protection 10X Trust Kit & Course?

Who is AP10X for?

What is the legal definition of asset protection planning?

Can I protect real estate with an offshore trust?

Is Asset Protection Legal? Are offshore and/or self-settled trusts legal? What about domestic asset protection trusts?

Can you prove that the AP10X Offshore Trust will work?

Can a U.S. judgment be enforced against my offshore assets?

I have insurance, so why do I need an offshore trust?

I have a revocable living trust and estate plan. Doesn't that protect me?

How does an offshore trust deter litigation?

Can I protect assets by just giving them to my spouse, children, brother, sister, parents, best friend, etc.?

Can I just hide my money in a Swiss bank account?

How do I know I can trust the foreign trustee?

Can I be held in contempt of court for using an offshore trust?

What are the tax consequences of using an AP10X Trust?

What criteria do you use to select offshore jurisdictions?

Will you help me open a Swiss bank account (or an account in any other country)?

Besides the cost of the AP10X Trust Kit and Course, what else will I need to pay to establish my trust?

What are the alternatives to AP10X?

  • Hire an attorney to form your plan. Any reputable attorney (i.e. one that I would personally trust for me or my family) will charge between $25,000 and $50,000 to form a trust that is on par with AP10X in terms of quality. I've seen attorneys charge up to $100,000 for a comparable trust. If you'd prefer to hire an attorney and want recommendations (other than me), please call me and I'll refer you to some great lawyers.
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    Hire a private company to form an offshore trust for you at a "bargain" price of $10,000 plus fees. Keep in mind that these companies often don't disclose the true cost of their services. I have had MANY clients hire me to form offshore trusts for them AFTER they had paid tens of thousands of dollars to one of these companies. The worst part, you have ZERO attorney-client privilege with these companies. RUN . . . do not walk . . . RUN AWAY. Everything you say to these companies can be disclosed in a lawsuit, AND IT CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU AS EVIDENCE THAT YOU ARE LIABLE. You either want attorney-client privileged communications (i.e. hire a lawyer) or NO communications about your particular situation (e.g. AP10X).
  • Rely on domestic planning alone, like limited liability companies and limited partnerships. These can be pierced by activist judges, and it happens all the time. These types of structures are useful, but they shouldn't be the entirety of your planning. You can also use a Domestic Asset Protection Trust, but these have already been pierced by the courts in many reported cases.
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    Do nothing. This borders on insanity, in my honest opinion. 

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